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Quotes March 21, 2011 Among other things, Teri managed all our young "war room" employees (entry level trainees and fulfillment workers) and interns and what a HUGE success she was at that! Many of the most successful folks at DCI today owe their start to Teri. She is patient and thorough in training, mentoring, and inspiring the many people she managed. Her talents were greater than as a House Mother, though. She was a good collaborator with senior account personnel and managers in taking their needs and converting them into work plans, then making sure they were executed well and on time. Somebody will make a lucky hire with Teri. Quotes
Tim Hyde (Washington, DC)
Founding Partner at DCI Group

Quotes 2014-10-26 Teri is an accomplished coach who goes with her intuition, listens well and creates a safe space for the client to explore her emotions. Teri dances in the moment, reflects the clients' words back and uses great questions to help her client explore what's going on for them in that moment. Teri sets the agreement up front and checks in at the end to make sure the goals for the session have been met. She coaches to the person and not the issue - checking in with the clients' emotions and challenging the client in a respectful way when what the client says is inconsistent. Teri is not afraid to repeat a question a number of times if she senses the client is avoiding answering it. I learned that it is invaluable to listen in to another coaching session and then be able to discuss it. The importance of speaking out what you are thinking in the moment. The importance of respecting the client and where they are at. Quotes
Jan Osmond (Queensland, Australia)
Wellbeing & Performance Coach; Independent Associate with USANA

Quotes 2014-10-30 Teri approached the coaching process with great interest and enthusiasm. She was always open to exploring new possibilities both personally and professionally in order to meet her goals. eri?s love of coaching is very appealing and her dedication to the profession is admirable! She is very organized, efficient and dynamic and this came across in her approach to learning new skills, exploring her business goals and her desire to fully step into her work as a coach. Working with Teri reinforced the transformative power of coaching and the possibilities that it can offer both the coach and the coachee. Despite the challenges that life sometimes presents us, the coaching process can help to guide and support the client as they discover, grow and shift into a new way of being. I was very inspired by her approach and dedication to making the shift that she desired. Quotes
Jan O'Brien (Huston, Texas)
IAC Master Certified Coach | Owner, Culture-Conscious

Quotes It's a pleasure to recommend Teri. Her coaching benefited me in ways both big and small, and she struck a skillful balance between making suggestions and leading me to conclusions. She's responsible for several of the best ideas for internal communications that my colleagues attribute to me. She's sincere and committed, accommodating and professional. If I were hiring, I'd want her on my team. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity . Quotes
Jonathan Rick (Washington, DC)
Owner, Jonathan Rick Group

Quotes Teri's practical advice helped me with making an important career transition. I recommend her executive coaching services to any one to take on a leadership role in their career. Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative. Quotes
Julie K (Alexandria, Virginia)
Licensed Social Worker

Quotes Teri has been so much more than a career coach - she's become more of a success partner. She brings a deep understanding of how to look at skill sets from an outside-the-box perspective, which allowed me to tap into what was ultimately my dream profession. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! Quotes
Julie Booner
Public Relations and Journalism February 26, 2015

Quotes November 14, 2014 Teri listened to my shortcomings and promptly questioned me in order to have me observe my limitations on regards to working with different people, not my usual academic students. Teri helped me pin point strategies to motivate participants who normally are not in academic settings. She suggested some techniques which would stimulate their interest and participation. We discussed actions to take in order to highlight the positive leadership decisions, begin with what they already do and strengthen with dome more. I cannot suggest what could be done better because I am very happy with how the sessions with Teri went. Quotes
Claudia Torres

Quotes November 13, 2014Teri was an excellent coach! Teri was honest, constructive, empowering, insightful, contagiously energetic, and fun to talk to. Teri receives my highest recommendation! Quotes
George Diaz (Goodyear, Arizona)
Government Affairs Manager for the Town of Goodyear

Quotes July 8, 2011 I had the great pleasure of being mentored and managed by Teri for more than a year as I was first starting out in my profession. What I remember most about her mentorship were not only the valuable skills I learned in writing-general, writing-proposals or writing-reports and the importance of owning each project assigned, but I also learned specific values she instilled in the next generation of the corporate workers. Not only did Teri show the importance of professionalism and how and why it matters, but also the importance of balancing work, life and relationships. These skills and values have proved important later in my career while dealing with clients, other colleagues and for those in my personal life. I recommend Teri's unique abilities to evaluate talent, coach and instruct younger and middle-management and in her immense experience finding solutions to tough interpersonal situations. She makes a positive difference in any organization she is involved with. Quotes
Patrick W. Smith
Managing Director at DCI Group

Quotes March 22, 2011, I was hired by Teri into the DCI Group's intern class during the summer of 2008. I work on projects that helped develop my passion for foreign policy. My relationship with this account team turned into a full-time position, thanks to the introduction that Teri made early on in my internship. Throughout my internship at DCI, Teri maintained an open-door policy. If we ever needed to discuss a matter that affected our performance at work, whether it be personal or professional, Teri was willing to talk us through it. I could tell that she coached us through any issue we were having not because she had to, but because she genuinely cared. She always maintained the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality, and I never hesitated to ask her for honest feedback on my performance. Teri also always encouraged us to keep the big picture in mind of where we saw our professional lives taking us in the future. She also instilled in us the value of having a solid network . Quotes
Alexandra Tooley (Washington, DC)
Project Management and Marketing
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