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Coaching Testimonials

Quotes March 22, 2011 During my first internship with Teri, she made the experience. Teri planned our assignments and structured our work to help each individual intern grow. Her face-to-face assessments were always constructive, and her group tutoring helped all of us grow from interns into professionals. Her background is in politics, but Teri is an expert at growing people. Quotes
Cameron Rowley (San Diego, California)
Lieutenant at US Navy JAG Corps

Quotes March 22, 2011 Teri Grier has an innate ability assisting those around her find their potential. When approaching questions posed to her she collaborates and searches for buy-in. Not only this, but Teri excels at identifying and recommending areas of strength one can use in their career, leading to satisfaction and fulfillment in a vocation. Quotes
Joel Chamberlain (Boston, Massachusetts)
Public Policy Professional

Quotes March 28, 2011 When I first came to DCI in 2007, Teri was a tremendous teacher and mentor, not only about how to navigate and succeed at DCI but also about applying these lessons to every day life. Her mantra of "under-promise and over-deliver" is something that I still utilize today. I highly value the role she played as a mentor and recommend her to others as well. Quotes
Michael Rule (Washington, DC)
Associate Director of Public Affairs and Grassroots at National

Quotes August 25, 2011 I really enjoyed my time at DCI Group and learned a lot about the public relations and lobbying industry. Teri had a lot to do with it. She was an excellent supervisor, manager and mentor. During my time at DCI, she supervised all of the summer interns, about eight of us, a very diverse and talented group. She did a great job matching us up with teams and projects, and fostered a collaborative environment. Involved and inquisitive without being overbearing, she embodies all of the characteristics of a great supervisor. She would hold weekly meetings with the interns as a group to discuss our experiences, successes, and not-quite-successes. This experience was unique to any other internship I had, and really enhanced the learning experience and collaborative environment. Quotes
Alexandria Hill (Washington, DC)
Public Relations and Journalism

Quotes June 21, 2011 Teri was a terrific mentor during my internship at DCI. Her low-stress, yet precise management style creates an ideal atmosphere for learning and growth. She sees potential in others and magnifies it by creating opportunities to develop through meaningful projects. Teri is approachable, extremely caring and willing to share her advice and expertise with anyone in need. I strongly recommend her. Quotes
Ashley Lewis (Washington, DC)
Legislative Correspondent, Office of Cong. Marsha Blackburn

Quotes 2014-10-24 Teri is a very thorough coach with excellent listening skills. Teri helped me deepen my awareness around the Core Competencies and how they show up in my coaching. Teri's deep level of listening and curiosity helped me to see other possibilities in my coaching. I have a deeper awareness and understanding of the core competencies and how they show up in my coaching. Teri is a very thorough coach with excellent listening skills. She helped me deepen my awareness around the Core Competencies and how they show up in my coaching. She is supportive and encouraging and it was a pleasure to work with her. Quotes
Sherrie Dutton (Calgary, Canada)
President, Get a Health Coach Now, Inc

Quotes 2014-10-28 I would describe Teri's coaching style as intuitive and results oriented. Teri is a fabulous listener and has a wonderful capacity to track with the client on topics and issues. She has great coaching presence, and seems able to be able to observe the coaching interaction from a different place of listening, which allows her hold an appropriate container for the client and monitor herself as coach. II learned how important mastering the coaching paradigm is to Teri and how she approaches mentoring someone else. If you have a chance to choose her as a mentor, I'd say do it. Quotes
Mary Kerr (Aurora, Oregon)
Founder Kerr Northwest, LLC - ICF Credentialed Coach/ACC

Quotes 2014-11-14 Teri's mentoring style balances being very supportive and encouraging with also being very specific and detail-oriented. She pays close attention to the ICF competencies and finds specific examples of how the coaching matches the competencies. The specificity with which she provided feedback worked great for me. She would create abbreviated transcripts and there were times when we listened to parts of a recorded call together, so she was able to clearly articulate specifically what I said or did, what she heard as the impact on the client, as well as how it applied to the competencies of ACC level and even beyond. Her mentoring helped anchor some of my strengths and also helped me grow stronger with using visual metaphors and getting more specific with calls to action Quotes
Denise Holmes (Portland, Oregon)
Edge Leadership Consulting

Quotes Teri is thoughtful and insightful in her coaching. She is very patient, at times challenging and uses silence to maximum effect. She dances in the moment and intuitively knows when to probe deeper and when to move on. Teri is extremely adept at holding a mirror in front of her clients and helping them study their reflections. She has a number of tools in her toolkit, and she knows when and where to use them. Teri taught me to slow down when working with my clients - that a slow, more measured pace gives them space to process and take time out - a luxury they often don't get in their normal daily life. Quotes
Jan Osmond (Queensland, Australia)
Wellbeing & Performance Coach; Independent Associate with USANA

Quotes Teri is eager to help and support. She is honest, open and very positive. She will share with you her knowledge and tools so that they support your growth. She helped me be accountable to my work plan. I learned that there are different styles to coaching and it opened other perspectives for me. I also enjoyed all the resources Teri shared with me as other sources of learning. Teri helped me develop a business plan with monthly actions. Teri is eager to help and support. She is honest, open and very positive. She will share with you her knowledge and tools so that they support your growth. Quotes
Claudia Aronowitz (Toronto, Canada)
Dispute Resolution, Coaching, Strategic Growth and Programming