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Coaching Testimonials

Quotes 2015-04-12 Teri's style for mentor coaching is very comprehensive and complete. She provided extremely detailed information based on recorded sessions, and worked through all of the coaching competencies in great detail. Teri helped me see that my coaching has progressed for many competencies well beyond the ACC level. Learning how to employ the competency framework will help me continue to grow as a coach and will be a key tool as I tackle mentor coaching. I feel more confident about my coaching skills and abilities. Teri is a highly committed mentor coach whose approach is incredibly comprehensive and thorough. I learned a great deal by having Teri as my mentor coach. Thank you so much! Quotes
Fern Schultz (British Columbia, Canada)
Certified Executive Coach at Coaching on Focus

Quotes Teri is a wonderful person and an extremely motivating supervisor. She managed an internship program that gave us a great professional experience and prepared us for the next step in our careers. I chose to model an internship program I led at my subsequent job after her program. Teri is also a caring, sweet person who recently helped me in my present endeavors for graduate school. Teri is a great leader and would be an asset to any team. Quotes
Natalie S (Washington, DC)
Graduate Student and Municipal Employee

Quotes I had the great pleasure of being mentored and managed by Teri for more than a year as I was first starting out in my profession. What I remember most about her mentorship were not only the valuable skills I learned in writing-general, writing-proposals or writing-reports and the importance of owning each project assigned, but I also learned specific values she instilled in the next generation of the corporate workers. Not only did Teri show the importance of professionalism and how and why it matters, but also the importance of balancing work, life and relationships. These skills and values have proved important later in my career while dealing with clients, other colleagues and for those in my personal life. I recommend Teri's unique abilities to evaluate talent, coach and instruct younger and middle-management and in her immense experience finding solutions to tough interpersonal situations. She will make a positive difference in any organization she is involved with, Quotes
Patrick S
Director, Public Relations Industry

Quotes Teri was a terrific mentor during my internship at DCI. Her low-stress, yet precise manangement style creates an ideal atmosphere for learning and growth. She sees potential in others and magnifies it by creating opportunities to develop through meaningful projects. Teri is approachable, extremely caring and willing to share her advice and expertise with anyone in need. I strongly recommend her. Quotes
Ashley L
Legislative Clerk, US House of Representatives

Quotes As an intern and then a member of a Congressional staff I worked closely with Teri. As an intern I reported directly to Teri and she helped me learn the ropes. She taught me how to handle myself in an office situation. No matter what situation occurred or unfolded she always kept her cool and worked though it. I took this demeanor that she portrayed and applied if to my future experiences in the office and in my future ventures. Eventually I became staff member and a peer of her's. As a colleague I respected her as a person in and outside of the office. She was an exemplary employee in the office and a friend out of the office. Her love for her job and compassion for her co-workers created a comfortable family like atmosphere that kept everyone at ease and able to complete their duties to the best of their abilities. She is a model citizen and mentor that I have had the pleasure to know and work with. Quotes
Zeb W
Former Congressional Staffer and Culinary Arts Student

Quotes When I first came to DCI in 2007, Teri was a tremendous teacher and mentor, not only about how to navigate and succeed at DCI but also about applying these lessons to every day life. Her mantra of "underpromise and overdeliver" is something that I still utilize today. I highly value the role she played as a mentor and recommend her to others as well. Quotes
Michael R
Public Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy for a National Trade Assn.

Quotes Throughout my internship at DCI, Teri maintained an open-door policy. If we ever needed to discuss a matter that affected our performance at work, whether it be personal or professional, Teri was willing to talk us through it. I could tell that she coached us through any issue we were having not because she had to, but because she genuinely cared. She always maintained the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality, and I never hesitated to ask her for honest feedback on my performance. Teri also always encouraged us to keep the big picture in mind of where we saw our professional lives taking us in the future, and was willing to help us map out this vision. She also instilled in us the value of having a solid network of friends and professionals. I still work in communications and public relations, and credit Teri. I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to her, now or in the future, to help guide me through a professional issue or career transitions. Quotes
Alexandra T
Marketing and Communications Strategist

Quotes Teri Grier has an innate ability assisting those around her find their potential. When approaching questions posed to her she collaborates and searches for buy-in. Not only this, but Teri excels at identifying and recommending areas of strength one can use in their career, leading to satisfaction and fulfillment in a vocation. Quotes
Joel C
Graduate Student and Policy Associate, Charles G Koch Foundation

Quotes During my first internship with Teri, she made the experience. Teri planned our assignments and structured our work to help each individual intern grow. Her face-to-face assessments were always constructive, and her group tutoring helped all of us grow from interns into professionals. Her background is in politics, but Teri is an expert at growing people. Quotes
Cameron R
Law Student

Quotes Teri was working at DCI when they hired me as a consultant on a variety of energy-related topics. Teri and I worked closely during that time. She is an efficient and effective manager who relates well to clients and co-workers; she knows how to delegate and how to get good work from her staff (and consultants). After she was promoted to another function at DCI, we again worked together as she and her staff needed research and writing help on a variety of non-energy projects. I was one of a small group that she hired to provide some of those services. In that case I saw her ability to cover multiple topics and issues, delegate within her staff and among her consultants, and get timely results. At one point, after a very short deadline and a lot of product creation, Teri received a letter of praise from her particular client. She shared the letter, and the praise with her staff and consultants. She knows how to lead people and how to get things done. I highly recommend her. Quotes
Jack R
Federal & International Affairs; Manager of Government Relations