Dynamic Coaching and Consulting 

For 21st Century Leaders

Strategic Messaging

We face a world of ever changing media opportunities with social media quickly taking its place next to traditional media resources.  Today, audiences are demanding information that is personal, credible and accessible.  To reach your audience it is crucial draft the right message; to identify trusted messengers; and to utilize the appropriate mediums.  An an expert in strategic messaging, Teri provides counsel to help clients articulate their messages to key audiences.

Social Media Marketing

Social media expert who has an appreciation for and a fascination with how companies and organizations can effectively use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, blogging, and electronic newsletters to enhance and amplify your voice. We have worked with dozens of organizations to find their voices, tell their stories and authentically connect with audiences on social media. 

Whether you want a one-on-one tutorial for using social media for your business or you need an agency to be your brand voice, we’ve got you covered.

Graphic Design


Your visual branding speaks volumes to your customers. Your logo, media kit, packaging can make or break your business. We can help you convey the right message, the right tone, the right style to attract the right customers.

We use our combined graphic design and PR/marketing experience to give our clients identity work with a competitive edge. We’ll get to know your business goals, target market, and specific sense of style in order to create identity pieces that speak to your potential customers.

Our graphics and branding experience includes items such as:  posters, flyers, print advertising, mastheads, event collateral materials, logos,  templates for newsletters and websites.


What is it that makes you and your company resonate in a world full of noise?  How do you get your message to float to the top?  We can help bring your business or organization into the minds of target audience and create change. 

We can help you peel away the layers of stats, logistics, and results to uncover the emotional tangibles that customers and readers want to walk away with.  Your target audience is waiting for you to bring them to that “a-ha!” moment that only you and your organization or business can bring. We’ll help build the emotional memory through diverse mediums that will create a link and association with your brand forever. More importantly, we’ll help ensure that the story they tell their friends about your business, product, service, event, or idea is your truth, as it is meant to be told.

Our writing and PR services include:

Copywriting: Web Copywriting, Print Copywriting, Articles, Social Media Messaging (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Blogging and Ghost Blogging.

PR Writing:  Press Releases, Media Kits, Event Promotion, Newsletters, About Page/Bio, Fact Sheets, 

Speeches, Testimony,  Reports and other related documents.


Public Affairs and Issue Advocacy Consulting

We provide counsel to clients on public and government relations strategies, drawing on experience in strategic communications, state and federal legislative affairs, grassroots management, and coalition building. Teri specializes in public policy issues and has extensive experience in creating and executing public affairs strategies on high profile issues.

With over 15 years direct experience working in communications, issue advocacy and public relations for public, private, non-profit and industry groups, we serve our clients as the spokesperson managing messaging and working closely with print, radio, TV, and social media.   

Grassroots and Grasstops Mobilization and Coalition Development

Elected officials respond to constituents!  In today’s world, no company can rely solely on its brand, the corporate lobbyist or its trade association to carry its message. Corporations need allies – people and groups who share your views and are willing to engage in the public policy process. When faced with challenging issues a chorus of voices gains more attention.

Teri Grier has extensive experience developing coalitions from her Rolodex of local, state and national policy experts, think tanks, trade and advocacy organizations.  She can help you build a strategic plan that establishes the intellectual framework for your issues and combines it with a coalition of key constituencies.

There’s no substitute for grassroots on the home front – input from real people that cuts through the clutter and resonates with elected officials.